Terms and Conditions

1) NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS: We do not allow cancellations, refunds or credits under any condition. The conditions are usually amazing at our locations, but on rare occasions they are not.  Unexpected events don’t happen often, but they can occur and, when they do, they might affect the Guest’s ability or willingness to travel and may even affect the legality of the Guest’s stay or travel. We do not allow cancellations, refunds or credits under any condition. Travel insurance is publically available and can be purchased to protect the Guests vacation investment.

2) TRAVEL PROTECTION/TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Because We do not allow cancellations or refunds or credits under any conditions, We strongly encourage the Guest to purchase of travel protection insurance for their vacation investment. Travel insurance policies are available to the public to cover cancellation for any condition you choose including but not limited to – hurricane evacuations, injury, sickness, job loss, or death and other unforeseen covered circumstances.  CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) insurance is one type of coverage available and it will cover cancellations made for “any reason”.  In the event of a travel insurance claim, Gertrude Rentals will provide to you with any documentation we have available to support your case.  Notice, in no event shall a Guest assign or sublet the Rental Property in whole or in part without prior approval.

3) LISTING ACCEPTABILITY AND CONDITION: The Guest is responsible for reviewing property descriptions, photos, location, and amenities listed online and confirming a property will meet the needs of their group prior to reserving.  Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Owners and Property Managers have, to the best of their ability, given an accurate description of the property and its condition. The Guest understands that it is considered as reserved “sight unseen”. All electrical, plumbing and appliances should be in working order. The failures of certain extra amenities, such as TVs, cable, games, or the Internet and WiFi service are not a basis for any refund. Owner will make every effort to have any items repaired, but does not guarantee that they will be repaired during the Guests occupancy. Under no circumstances will any of the rental money be refunded or returned because of the condition of these amenities.

4) HOLD HARMLESS: The Guest agrees to hold the Property Manager and Owner harmless from any liability for the condition of the house or property, and all natural occurrences. Due to the nature of beach and ski properties, the sand, ice, stairs, decks and concrete are not always safe and should be used at the Guests risk.  In Vermont, during winter weather, all the home locks should be in the unlocked position to eliminate the possibility the Guest or members of their party get locked outside during subfreezing temperatures.  In Florida tropical storms and hurricanes pose a substantial risk and in event of a threat the Guest should follow the advice of local and state authorities.  Guest understands that no special efforts have been made to “childproof” this house, and the Guest should take steps they deem necessary to create a safe environment for a child. These risks are not limited to, but include access to the ocean, pool, adjacent street, cleaning supplies, and plants in the house patio and nearby area that might be poisonous if ingested.

5) GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY: Most of the better vacation rentals in Sarasota County have shared outdoor areas and neighbors close by. Unwind relax and have an amazing time, but when staying at a location that hosts more than one party be sure to keep shared (“communal”) areas beautiful, peaceful and clean. Guests are prohibited from leaving personal waste or belongings of any kind in communal areas, and from conduct while in communal areas, which is, profane lewd or which, in the sole discretion of the Property Manager, disturbs the peace and comfort of other guests. All communal areas close at 9:30PM, but don’t worry, the Property Manager can direct you to all the best local bars and knows the way blindfolded. Guests guilty of violating our Good Neighbor Policy may be politely evicted.

6) NO SMOKING: Sorry but we do not allow smoking inside our properties or on the related premises. Guests who smoke (anything) in their unit will be liable for a $300 to $500 Servpro cleaning fee.

7) PET POLICY: Our houses are all pet friendly and pets are allowed with the payment of a one time pet fee.  Dogs in public areas are restricted to leashes, and prohibited from persistent barking or other behavior that, in the Property Manager’s sole discretion, is deemed disturbing to your fellow guests.  Dogs guilty of violating our pet policy may be politely evicted.  We love our pets and work hard to allow Guests to travel with pets, please do your part to help keep our properties “Pet Friendly”. Guests who’s pets defecate in their unit may be liable for a $300 to $500 Servpro cleaning fee.

8) RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE GUEST: Guests of rental properties assume all the benefits as well as some of the responsibilities of ownership. We provide toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, wine, soaps and detergents each in quantities large enough to get your vacation started. We always endeavor to provide replacement items like light bulbs and TV remote batteries, however each of our properties is a short drive to a market and issues like TV battery emergencies will be addressed by us during normal working hours of 7am to 5pm.  Furthermore, if a chameleon gets in your room, parrots build a noisy nest nearby, or any other “tropics” related issue occurs, We apologize, but We just wont be of any help. If you are visiting the Green Mountains and a bear gets into your garbage, stay away from it, We will clean up after it for you later.  If you are staying in Florida and see a bear, buy it a plane ticket home to Vermont.  In the event of an unlikely electrical, cable, AC or plumbing issue, our staff will respond within normal business hours. Guests must keep their passcode for entry handy at all times. Losing your code during a time of day (or night) when people who aren’t enjoying a beautiful vacation are sleeping or otherwise unavailable might prevent you from entering your unit for many hours or even over-night. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this might cause you. In the event of an after hours entry keypad malfunction, guests may call a local locksmith and be reimbursed promptly and in full.

9) PARKING: In Vermont and the NJ Shore you can park anyway you want, but on Siesta Key, parking is at a premium so please don’t park incorrectly.  While visiting Siesta Key, if a Guest vehicle occupies or blocks someone’s spot or the sidewalk for someone with mobility issues, they could be towed. Guest parking spaces are described in arrival information.    Please let the Property Manager know if you have any questions at all, We are happy to help.

10) PERSONAL PROPERTY: Guest understands that any personal property of and used by Guest is not insured by Property Manager or Owner and We shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen, missing or forgotten property of the Guest.