Retreats and Reunions

The perfect setting for your wellness retreat, intimate wedding, reunion, or any large gatherings.  No stress planning, truly private, and only the best destinations. Host unlimited dinners receptions brunches healing sessions and bonding activities. No markup for liquor or food, no overage hours, and a built in back up plan for rain.   Our Siesta Key locations can host up 32 people at a single location and up to 64 total on the island. The Green Mountains Vermont properties can host 22 at a resort and 44 total.  All properties are in the best neighborhoods, include indoor/outdoor lounging and dining areas, and offer numerous options for wellness and bonding activities including – snorkeling, craft beer, daiquiris, fishing, lazing in the warm gulf waters, skiing, rejuvenating, distillery tours, aerial parks, hammocks, scenic vistas galore, waterfalls, world class fishing, pools, hot-tubs, fireplaces, spa-baths, monasteries, farm-to-table food, markets, and theatre.  *Please inquire to confirm availability.